Howto organize your foto and video library

To organize all your photos and videos use the Exiftool.

This is software which uses metadata to rename the files with an additional date.

This way you always know when a photo or video was taken.

 # Usage of exiftool on only date/time on OS and EXIF data from files
# Sort of date/time:
# [File:System] FileModifyDate : 2009:10:05 20:40:36-04:00
# [File:System] FileAccessDate : 2009:10:07 09:22:12-04:00
# [File:System] FileCreateDate : 2009:10:05 20:40:36-04:00
# [EXIF:IFD0] ModifyDate : 2003:10:31 15:44:19
# [EXIF:ExifIFD] DateTimeOriginal : 2003:10:31 15:44:19
# [EXIF:ExifIFD] CreateDate : 2003:10:31 15:44:19
# Open the administrator CMD prompt!
# To list all dates of files known
# exiftool -AllDates -a "dir_name"

exiftool -r "-FileName<CreateDate" -if "not $exif:DateTimeOriginal" -d %Y-%m-%d_%H%M_%%f.%%e -ext plist -ext mov -ext mp4 -ext mpg -ext thm -ext avi -ext aae "Fotos_mapname"
exiftool -r "-FileName<DateTimeOriginal" -if "$exif:DateTimeOriginal" -d %Y-%m-%d_%H%M_%%f.%%e -ext plist -ext mov -ext mp4 -ext mpg -ext thm -ext avi -ext aae "Fotos_mapname"
exiftool -r "-FileName<FileModifyDate" -if "not $exif:DateTimeOriginal" -d %Y-%m-%d_%H%M_%%f.%%e -ext jpg -ext png -ext gif "Fotos_mapname"
exiftool -r "-FileName<DateTimeOriginal" -if "$exif:DateTimeOriginal" -d %Y-%m-%d_%H%M_%%f.%%e -ext jpg -ext png -ext gif "Fotos_mapname"


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