About Unix4Life

The goal is to share knowledge and tips about cool things (that's for me ;-)

Something about me:

  • Works professionally since 1994 and before playing with PCs/Windows/Linux
  • Building complete Unix & Linux environments within small and large companies.
  • Manages a wide range of systems running on HP-UX & AIX & Linux
  • Enterprise monitoring (HP OpenView, CA Unicenter and Nagios)
  • Enterprise clusters on Unix (IBM's HACMP/PowerHA, HP's MCserviceguard)
  • Have all kinds of flavors on Unix systems/hardware at home (discontinued several years ago)
  • Start playing with Raspberry Pi's from 2014
  • This website was started in 2014 and has since been running 24x7 on Raspberry Pi hardware (tuned for high performance)

Something about the fun stuff (offline = not dependent on your internet connection, so this also works offline!!):

  • Set up Nagios monitoring (offline)
  • Using OpenVPN and AdGuardHome to access secure and filtered internet via remote devices (iPhone/MacBook/Mobile/Laptop)
  • Creating an app for opening the garage door (switched via wired connection from Raspberry Pi)
  • Turn on/off indoor/outdoor lights via a transmitter (433MHz) controlled by sunset schedule and app
  • Using Google Charts offline to create charts/graphs (offline)
  • Set up a fully functional calendar like Google Calendar and store de items in MySQL/MariaDB (offline)
  • Create Google charts of many things, such as: indoor/outdoor temperature, electricity and gas consumption, website users (offline)
  • Store a lot of metrics & data in MySQL/MariaDB and in ElasticSearch


Hopefully the information on this website can help you set up and discover new features...

If you like my website, feel free to donate via the Paypal button.. thank you!


  If you like my website, feel free to donate via the Paypal button. Thank you!